Walking through the Holy Land with your heart and mind

Traveling to the Holy Land continues to be a dream for many. Christians from all over the world desire to visit the land where Jesus Christ once walked in the flesh. How awe inspiring it is to walk on the same roads where He walked and to be where some of the world’s greatest events have ever happened!

Bring The Holy Land to you

Currently, the world is facing a time when every country is being affected by a wide-spread pandemic. Many of those wishing to tour this beautiful land have had to move their plans to future dates because of it.
Don’t let this be a cause for you to let go of your dreams of visiting. Even when restrictions hinder a physical experience and you can’t go to the Holy Land, we can still bring the Holy Land to you! Virtual tours are the closest and next best thing! They give you a way to connect yourself to a time and era that is precious to those who follow Jesus Christ.

Enhance your experience from the stories

While you glean from the stories and lessons brought to you through the Word of God, virtual tours can enhance your learning and bring the Bible to life in a way you’ve never experienced before. To see the places you have been reading about in the Bible, a greater understanding of the culture and places will give you a deeper appreciation of the history from years gone by. You can imagine what it would have felt like to be in those exact places when Jesus Christ was dwelling on earth. Becoming familiar with the structures and surroundings brings a greater understanding of the events we read about in the Word. Greater empathy and thankfulness can be given when you think about the ten lepers who were healed or the woman in the streets who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. We can imagine the space the crowd filled when Jesus was giving the sermon on the mount.

Historical and Archeological places in the Holy Land

Take some time to watch the virtual tour of the Masada, the fortress King Herod built before Christ was born. Learn the interesting facts about this enormous place that was excavated less than sixty years ago.
Our Jerusalem Old City tour will allow you to experience the wailing wall (the West Wall) and the Temple Mount. Furthermore, our Jewish Quarter virtual tour will give you a glimpse into what the lives of the people of that day were like.

Walking through the Holy Land with your heart and mind

While much of the world has been put on hold because of current events, there is no reason we cannot continue understanding the Lord even more. Taking part in the virtual tours of the Holy Land will introduce you to the beautiful area and its ways. Becoming familiar with the places of importance and interest will only make it that more amazing when you finally have the opportunity to be there in person. The stories and memories of Jesus and His ministry are many. We’re looking forward to your mind and imagination bringing His earthly walk to life for you, one virtual tour at a time.

Press on the button NOW and enjoy the virtual reality Free Tour To St. Peters Church in Jaffa.

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