Virtual Reality Christian Holy Land Travel

Israel is the land of various cultures and the other most special thing is its importance for different religions. It is the land of religions, prophets and historical monuments. Touring the country for holy places is a very common thing for devotees from all around the world. There are many people who are not able to visit the holy land due to different reasons like lack of resources, not being able to travel, or border restrictions from their country. However, a  virtual tour is the best thing, in these times, that any Christian person can do from any part of the world.

Tour holy land for Christians

Land of Israel has very important religious monuments of Jews, Muslims and Christians. Christian Holy land is considered holy because of the birth of Jesus. This is the place where Jesus was crucified and will resurrect. They also respect it because Jesus was Jewish and he called this land holy according to the Jewish religious context. The term “Holy Land” for this area appeared in the Bible (Zechariah 2:12), the new testament and the deuterocanonical books. Virtual reality tour, holy land is designed to help the pilgrims learn about the place instead or before they visit it.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem

It is the place that is recognized as the tomb of Jesus where he was crucified. After that, he was placed in this church and resurrected. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is a very huge pilgrimage Church for Christians from all around the world. It is said to be constructed in the 4th century.

Nazareth and the Church of Annunciation

It is a very important place for Catholic Christians. This is the place where Mary met angel Gabriel while drawing water from the spring. Angel gave her the news that she will give birth to Jesus. Nazareth has been a very important part of the pilgrimage tour for centuries.

Capernaum in the Galilee

It was a fishing village and the place where Jesus made various miracles. Capernaum is a must visit place for Christian pilgrims because Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law miraculously, at this place. It was a thriving area at that time.

Bethlehem and the Church of Nativity

When Mary was expecting, she traveled to this place with Joseph and Jesus was born. It is also recognized as the city of David and is considered among the oldest Christian communities. David was crowned as the king of Israel at this place. Every pilgrim visits the Church of nativity on the tour holy land.

Jordan River

People celebrate the baptism of Jesus by John (the Baptist). It is said that the holy spirit appeared from heaven like a dove after Jesus appeared from the waters of the river. Pilgrims visit this place and submerge themselves to feel the spirituality of the waters of the Jordan river.

Mount of Beatitude and Tabgha

Mount of Beatitudes is located in Galilee where Jesus preached. You can see the church of Beatitudes Chapel, Seaside of Galilee and Tabgha. It was believed that miraculously the fish and loaves were multiplied at this place feeding 5000 at Tabgha. You can also see the Church of multiplication.

Tour Mount Zion in Jerusalem

You can see plenty of places in the free virtual tour of the holy city. Mount Zion is a very popular place because of the tomb of King David and the last supper room on the upper side. Many other important events of Christianity happened on Mount Zion.

Via Dolorosa

It is an extremely important place for believers. Via Dolorosa is the path where Jesus had his last walk. Pilgrims have been walking this exact path for thousands of years to feel the pain. Different experiences and stories appeared by the devotees at this path and the closest location are so known as the Stations of the cross.

Mount of Olives

Mount of olives is mentioned in the scriptures very clearly due to that it holds a very special place in the hearts of the Christian community. It was the escape route of King David and other prophets, Jesus also taught the testament to his pupils at this place. Jesus also wept over Jerusalem at the Mount of Olives.

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